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GI Hub News

Infrastructure needs into the future: CEDA speech

29th March 2017

Half of all global infrastructure investment will be needed in Asia from now until 2040, major new analysis by the Global Infrastructure Hub shows. And while so much of the region’s infrastructure growth has been in China, the focus will shift to South and South East Asian countries where infrastructure gaps remain very...

GI Hub News

GI Hub and Bancomext Co-operation

22nd March 2017

The Global Infrastructure Hub and Mexico's development bank Bancomext have established an alliance to work together in relation to...

GI Hub News

GI Hub talks on infra needs and PPPs with Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Australia

20th March 2017

Global infrastructure needs and Public-Private Partnerships were discussed when the Foreign Correspondents' Association of Australia met the GI Hub...

GI Hub News

GI Hub supports APEC Business Dialogue with Indonesian Government

17th March 2017

GI Hub Senior Director for Legal Frameworks and Procurement Policies Mark Moseley gave a presentation at an APEC Business...

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