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Latest news

GI Hub News: Media Release

GI Hub Launches Project Pipeline

06th December 2016

The Global Infrastructure Hub has launched its Project Pipeline, an online platform to provide the private sector with free information about government infrastructure projects across the world. The Pipeline will provide early stage visibility of potential projects, and then track projects over time as they progress through their lifecycle...

GI Hub News

Identifying/Screening Projects for PPP Implementation in the Republic of Korea: Webinar

05th December 2016

The Global Infrastructure Hub's Hyeyoung Kim and Morag Baird joined World Bank PPP and Infrastructure Consultant Rob Richards for...

GI Hub News

GI Hub visits China PPP Centre

29th November 2016

The GI Hub's Bill Brummitt met today with China Public Private Partnerships Centre Deputy Director General Mr Han Bin and...

GI Hub News: Update

New GI Hub survey: Seeking your views on enabling infrastructure investment

26th November 2016

The GI Hub wants to hear your views on the policies and practices that enable greater investment in infrastructure. This short survey covers...

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