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Establishing the Hub is a significant and practical initiative by the G20 to progress its infrastructure agenda and further engage with the private sector. The Hub will report to the G20 and work collaboratively with governments, international organisations, developments banks and the private sector.

The Hub has a four year mandate from G20 Leaders focused on:

  • Developing a knowledge-sharing network to aggregate and share information on infrastructure projects and financing between governments, international organisations, development banks, national infrastructure institutions and the private sector.
  • Addressing key data gaps that matter to investors.
  • Developing effecting approaches to implement the voluntary G20 Lending Practices on Promoting and Prioritising Quality Investment, including model documentation covering project identification, preparation and procurement.
  • Building the capacity of government officials by sharing best practice approaches.
  • Developing a consolidated database of infrastructure projects to help match potential investors with projects.

The Hub was registered as a not-for-profit company under Australian law on 24 December 2014. It will be governed by an International Board of directors, comprising:

  • The Chair of the Board: Mr John A. Fraser, Secretary to the Australian Treasury.
  • The two independent directors are Mr Robert Milliner and Ms Kathy Sierra.
  • Directors representing advanced and emerging G20 economies: in 2016 the G20 Deputies from Turkey, China and Germany are Directors in their capacity as past, current and future G20 Presidents. G20 Deputies from the Republic of Korea and the United Kingdom are additional G20 Directors.

The GI Hub is impartial to funding source, having broad-based funding and support for our approved mandate from across G20 governments and major multilateral institutions.

The Australian Government is contributing AU$30 million to the GI Hub until 2018. Additional financial and in-kind resources totaling an additional AU$20million have been pledged in formal Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) by:

  • G20 Governments: China, Mexico, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.
  • International organisations and development banks: The World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) support the Hub with their experience and skills.

All countries, regardless of whether they are members of the G20, are able to work with the GI Hub and access our insights and resources.

Our expert staff engage daily with private sector leaders, multilateral development banks, and government infrastructure policy teams across the Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Americas and Europe to facilitate knowledge-sharing, promote leading practice and highlight opportunities for reform.

The Global Infrastructure Hub was announced in November 2014 and registered as a not-for-profit entity under Australian law in December 2014. During 2015, our Board appointed Chris Heathcote as CEO, our business plan was endorsed by the G20 Meeting of Finance and Central Bank Deputies, and our offices were established in Sydney, Australia.

We’ve set ourselves the ambitious goal to become a leading reference on infrastructure best practices by 2019, developing market-changing new resources and mechanisms embraced by the public and private sectors. We aim to enable a transformation in infrastructure outcomes: a fuller pipeline of bankable projects delivering more productive economies and more livable communities.

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